What Services do you provide?

We provide complete home services inside and out.  Nothing is too small or too big. Simply let your concierge know what maintenance your home needs.

What is a home concierge?

A home concierge is a knowledgeable home service professional assigned and dedicated to you and your home. They're the single point of contact for all your home's needs. Our concierge will provide estimates, meet and accompany home service technicians, inspect their work and communicate with you throughout the entire process.  They will also inspect and manage all seasonal and preventive maintenance needs for your home.

How do I join?

Simply call our 1-844-436-0669 or click here to tell us about your specific home service needs. A dedicated home concierge will be assigned and contact you ASAP.

Is my Home Concierge Free?

Your Home Concierge service is completely free. There are no up-front, subscription, membership or monthly fees. All you pay for is the individual service as needed.

Are there any agreements I have to sign?

Domesticall360 has a standard service agreement that outlines our terms and conditions for all home services should you decide to use Domesticall360 for one or several tasks. The agreement is non-exclusive and you're free to use any service provider of your choice.

What areas of the country do you service?

Domesticall360 has hundreds of loyal customers in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Our network continues to grow daily, so please give us a call to see if we're in your area.

Is Domesticall360 a new company?

No, Domesticall360 has been providing home services for over 30 years

Do I need to take off work and be at home when a technician arrives?

It's your personal preference, but your concierge is there to take care of everything for you. Our clients trust us with a key to their home and our technicians are fully vetted. Your concierge will meet the service providers, let them in, monitor and inspect their work to ensure satisfaction. They'll lock your home when the work is completed.

Who will be performing the service at my house?

The services will be performed by Domesticall360 technicians that have been trained to meet our stringent quality control standards. They've been fully vetted with complete background checks.  If your request requires a specialized service provider we'll let you know after our assessment. All service providers have been pre-approved, are licensed and insured and have been trained to meet our strict quality control standards.  Whatever the case, your home concierge is there to seamlessly take care of the entire process.

Do you offer home products as well as services?

Yes, Domesticall360 offers many products for your home. Your concierge will discuss our full line of home products with you upon your request.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, cash and checks.